Bubur Bayi Organic 3 Fruits Cereal

Bubur Bayi Organic 3 Fruits Cereal

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New Packaging Why Not 3 Fruits Cereal

Fine cereal with mild orange flavour is made from carefully selected organic ingredients such as rice, quinoa (fair trade) and fruits (banana, orange & pear). Quinoa is an ancient South American seed that is affectionately called the mother grain in recognition of its nutritional values.

Product Highlight

Pamper your little one with highly digestible organic quinoa and rice cereal.


Organic ingredients carefully selected that is grown and processed without the use of herbicides, pesticides and artificial additives.
Organic rice and quinoa are naturally gluten free.
No added sugar, salt fillers.

Do not keep unfinished feeds. Use within 4 weeks of opening.


Rice flour*, fairly traded quinoa*, banana*, orange*, pear*, natural orange flavouring*, thiamin (vitaminB1). *Ingredients of agricultural origin, organically grown (100%)

*Ingredients of agricultural origin, organically grown (100%)

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