FULLSET Manicure Pedicure Lampu UV 36W Perawatan Kuku Tangan dan Kaki

FULLSET Manicure Pedicure Lampu UV 36W Perawatan Kuku Tangan dan Kaki

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Fullset/Paket lengkap manicure pedicure untuk perawatan kuku kaki dan tangan. Dilengkapi lampu pengering/ UV Dyer 36watt. Bisa digunakan di rumah dan salon kecantikan.

Suitable for hands and feet.
This wavelength is visible and harmless to eyes.
36W UV lamp designed for instant UV gel nails curing.
Reflective layers on the inner wall of the lamp, more effective for curing.
Can be used for setting nail polish and various kinds of UV products, such as UV top coat/UV builder gel, etc.
The first black switch '=', which means long bright, and then click on the red switch is 120 seconds timing.
The black switch according to the '-', manicure lamp has been in working condition.

***Note: the color of the sand block will be sent at random: pink or purple.

Power: 6468 
Voltage: 220V-240V 
Type: UV Lamps 
Power Type: Electric 
Materials: ABS 
LED Light Number: 4 
Input Power: 220V - 240V/0.35A, 50 - 60Hz 
Working Time: 120S 

1 x 36W UV Lamp, 
12 x Solid Color UV Gel, 
1 x Cutter, 
1 x Cleanser Plus, 
1 x UV Gel (pink), 
1 x UV Gel (white), 
1 x UV Gel (clear), 
8 x Painting Brush Pen, 
1 x Cuticle Fork, 
1 x Cuticle Pusher Double-sides,
2 x 12 Colors Pearl, 
2 x Nail Separator, 
1 x Sand Block, 
1 x Pink Buffer Block, 
1 x Black Sanding File, 
1 x 100 Nail Tip, 
1 x Side Clipper, 
1 x UV Topcoat, 
1 x Practice Finger, 
1 x Clean Brush, 
1 x Dappen Dish

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